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Frequntly Asked Question:

1. Is the facility an apartment or a house?
Ans Both
2. Do you have security arrangement?
Ans Yes
3. Do you have refrigerator in the rooms or we use the one in the dining area for drinking water and other soft drinks?
Ans Refrigerator only avilable in deluxe rooms.
4. I have always paid hotel bills by AMEX. So I would like to use the same, hope it is ok with you also. This will avoid carrying and handling cash.
Ans American Express card accepted through ccavenue. All credit/debit and visa cards are accepted.
5. Are guests/visitors allowed, if so the timings?
Ans Yes, guests and visitors are allowed only during day time.
6. Can we use the lounge as a meeting place with our guests?
Ans Yes for a short while.
7. What are the meal hours?
Ans Breakfast upto 10 am
Lunch 12 to 3 pm
Dinner 8 to 11 pm
8. Can we get a rental cell phone, if so the leasing terms, in general.
Ans We do not have rental cell phone services.
9. I trust that you have International dialing system and Internet/Email facility?
Ans We do have internet and email facility but NO International dialing system.
10. Is an Airport Transfer/Pick-Up Facility available?
Ans Yes, it is available on demand
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